About Frosty Boy


The history of Frosty Boy

fbwalkingA true kiwi icon

Since first beginning in the 1960’s Frosty Boy has established itself as a Kiwi icon among many New Zealanders. Frosty Boy was launched in the South Island as a small independent business. Popularity began to increase and product could be found in most dairies around the country. Everyone loved the brand and the premium product it delivered. Frosty Boy was then sold a few years later and went through the hands of multiple corporate entities. It somewhat lacked the attention it deserved during this period and the brand faded slightly. Milligans Food Group Ltd purchased the beloved Kiwi Icon in 2007 and has since re-established its dominance in the New Zealand market.  2023 is set to be an exciting year for Frosty Boy as we look to relaunch this great Kiwi brand that still has so much potential.

Summer 2023 and beyond!


In 2023 Milligans Food Group are looking to re-launch the iconic Frosty Boy Brand. Frosty Boy has a huge amount of potential and ability to grow as we look to re-establish it as a dominant Kiwiana brand. We have plenty of ideas which will be put in place in 2023 and beyond.

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